Tearing Through Oblivion... / ...Days of Loathing (Live)

Download Tearing Through Oblivion... / ...Days of Loathing (Live)


Down In The Ghetto - Viktimized Karcass - Violence - A Way Of Life (Cassette), Dumb Dick (Instrumental), Ratos De Porão - Onisciente Coletivo (Vinyl, LP), John Hore* - Sings Great Country Hits (Vinyl, LP), Dragan Laković - Dragan Laković (Vinyl, LP, Album), Mr Drake, I Thought It Took A Little Time - Gloria Estefan - Dont Let This Moment End (CD), If (U-Key Remix) - Doob (2) - Princess (Vinyl), All Of Your Toys - The Monkees - Missing Links (CD), 43 Grados - El Eje Del Mäl, Heads And Heads - Heads And Heads / El Eje Del Mäl (Vinyl), More - Jack Of Heart - Jack Of Heart (Vinyl, LP, Album), No One Gets The Prize - Diana Ross - The Boss (Vinyl, LP, Album), Romeo - Petula Clark - Romeo (Vinyl)


  1. Helmsplitter “ Storms of Genocide” Upon listening to Illinois’ own Helmsplitter, I wasn’t sure exactly where they were heading. One minute they are death metal, the next they have a blackened vibe.
  2. Salvation Through Impurity (loading lyrics) 3. Damnations Children (loading lyrics) 4. Warchrist (loading lyrics) 5. Learn to Suffer (loading lyrics) 6. As Life Ends (loading lyrics) 7. Tonight We Ride (loading lyrics) 8. Tearing Through Oblivion / Days of Loathing (Live.
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  4. This is done primarily through walking around the house and light puzzles which lead to distinct mini games. The graphics and design inside the house have held up well for a 3 year game and I was stunned the designers made the house feel so lived in through distinct clutter and little home alterations for each of the home's former occupants.
  5. In Oblivion Earth has been so ravaged by nuclear war that only drones dare circulate in parts of it. There also is a fully-functioning record player with records — in a lean-to in the woods.
  6. Notes: Timeline: Season One Beta: BellaRei A/N: This was originally intended to be a one shot, but the word length seems to have gotten out of control so I decided to split it up into chapters. Updates will be approximately once a week, as I am currently in the middle of another multichapter fan fiction that also demands my attention and do like to be a little bit ahead of what I've.
  7. the date and time are, but not the day of the week. im just curious why you ever need to know the year >.
  8. Reminds me of a high-speed trading empire I built once in EVE Online. I got bored of the long work way of earning ISK, so I hacked the game client and built a network of accounts running in VMs, proxying their traffic through AWS to get unique IPs, all orchestrated carefully and cooperating to pull off the overall trading strategy by my central server.
  9. it's better to close first Oblivion gate right away, while you're level 1 because it used leveled creatures. at level 1 you'll get weak scamps and souple of Dremora (also weak), but at level 2 there will be new harder species, it can make battle at castle Kvatch a hell to complete.

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